The essential souvenir: dalahäst/dala horse. You will see them everywhere, but I find them to be a charming thing to buy rather than tacky. Traditionally red, the wooden horse was originally a children’s toy that came from the province of Dalarna, but now is a symbol of the country.

For the ultimate smörgåsbord: Splurge at the Grand Hotel’s restaurant, Veranda. For about 57€*, you get to have several courses of a gourmet buffet, which includes seven different types of herring (that are much better than what you might associate it with). Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8

For a day trip: Take the metro/train out to Drottningholm Palace. It takes about 40 minutes to get there, and if you go in off season (October-April), there is a fabulous guided tour included in the ticket price, which runs from 7-13.50€*.

A built-in/covered market: Östermalms Saluhall, Östermalmstorg, 114 42 

A hidden gem: Fotografiska, the photography museum, that runs four large exhibits at one time. 11-14€*. Stadsgårdshamnen 22

Toast Skagen: you can find this pretty much anywhere, there is a good one at the Drottningholm Palace café. It’s a Swedish classic of a sort of open faced sandwich with a shrimp mixture. I still dream about it.

*Converted from the Swedish Krona (SEK)

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