With an area of over two-hundred square miles, the city that was once divided in three is now a mix of old and new. Beyond the ruin bars and baths, the city has a deep history and unique food scene that’s worth exploring.



The capitol of Scandinavia, the city is comprised up of 14 islands, which means you will get your sea life fix while in a metropolitan city. Admittedly, this is an area that can be a bit expensive for those on a budget, but it shouldn’t stop you from spending a long weekend and exploring a city with so much to offer.


When I think of Florence, I think of art. The Uffizi and Academia galleries. What’s great about Florence is that it feels like a big city and a small town at the same time. If you get a chance, walk around on the south side/left bank of the river. It’s quiet, calm, and residential, ie where the locals are at.


Rome can feel a bit too touristy honestly. But something that made up for it was the golden sunlight and the food. Whether its the sound of the small porcelain plates slamming down on the counter of the coffee bar or the starlings swarming about that sets your heart into aflutter, there’s something for you in Rome.

“So what’s your story? Pourquoi la France?”

Being a foreigner, the opening smalltalk with French people is actually fairly easy. The problem is that I tend to bore myself with the same responses, a story I have edited and shortened over time so as to have a clear, concise response without rambling on too long. The problem is, the answer really never…

Vegetables / Légumes

On Tuesday night, I went to a panel discussion of “local market produce in Paris” with authors Emily Dilling (My Paris Market Cookbook) and Kristen Beddard (Bonjour Kale), and illustrator Jessie Kanelos Weiner (Edible Paradise). I went for a variety of reasons. A blogger I follow has featured some of Jessie’s art on her website, I…